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Bonsai Things to do in Cape Town – November


MonthMean Rainfall mmRel.  Humidity %Daily Sun­shine HrsTemp. Max CelsiusTemp. Min Celsius
POSITION The start of hot dry summer weather may be experienced, some trees may need to be moved to less sunny spots or, if necessary, put up shade cloth. Remember, trees need very bright light for photosynthesis to operate so if shade cloth is used do not use types that cut out excess light. 
WATERINGIf the trees are outdoors daily watering is required unless it rains. 
FERTILISINGContinue fertilising and feed flowering and fruiting bonsai with a fertiliser which is high in potassium such as 3: 1: 5.
DISEASE CONTROLPests are always around and a wary eye has to be kept out for them.
PRUNINGThe frantic growth of spring may have slowed down a bit but it is still necessary to nip and perhaps a critical eye may be used to revise and update designs of trees. Look very carefully to ensure that top branches are not becoming too heavy and so on. Sort out secondary branches and the fine networks of branchlets so that they do not become an entangled mess.
POTTINGThere is still time to pot many evergreens, watch the buds.
REMARKSVisit other bonsai growers’ collections and nurseries for inspiration. There is time for seed sowing and propagating by cuttings and air-layering.Clean-up, erect new benches… Do not be impatient but relax and enjoy everything you do as you do it.
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