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Bonsai things to do in Cape Town in May


MonthMean Rainfall mmRel.  Humidity %Daily Sun­shine HrsTemp. Max CelciusTemp. Min Celcius
POSITION Some showers and cooler weather are on the way. Some bonsai may have to be moved into sunnier spots or shade cloth may have to be removed.
WATERINGAs usual watering needs to be watched, especially if the weather is cool and overcast but no rain has actually fallen.
FERTILISINGThis is the last opportunity for feeding as with lower temperatures and shorter days plants do not take up much in the way of nutrients.
DISEASE CONTROLMany pests are going into hibernation but snails and slugs are active.
PRUNINGDo not prune deciduous plants as stimulating growth is undesirable in winter, plants need a rest period.
POTTINGToo late for autumn potting and too early for deciduous trees. 
REMARKSA balmy month as a rule and the last chance to mix soil in reasonably dry conditions. Mosses are starting to appear remember to leave small pieces when collecting so that regeneration takes place.  
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Bonsai things to do in Cape Town in April

Month Mean Rainfall mm Rel.  Humidity % Daily Sun­shine Hrs Temp. Max Celcius Temp. Min Celcius
April 55,5 76 7,8 22,8 11,8
POSITION  Early autumn and a delightful time of year and some showers may be expected. The sun is no longer so fierce and days are getting shorter.
WATERING Bonsai tend to dry out and watering is still a priority.
FERTILISING Fertilising has to be done diligently if bonsai are to thrive and also to promote autumn colours.
DISEASE CONTROL Pests are active and control is necessary.
PRUNING Maintenance pruning may be done this month.
POTTING Nearly all evergreens can be safely potted at this time of the year with post potting recovery usually good.
REMARKS As the days get shorter and the weather is milder it is a lovely time to be in the garden.