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Acacia burkei – Black Monkey Thorn Bonsai




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Acacia burkei – Black Monkey Thorn Bonsai (also known as Senegalia burkei) potted in dark brown plastic Chinese bonsai pot. This species is deciduous and indigenous.

Dimensions 16 x 12 x 20cm.

Grown from seed in 2019.

Acacia burkei, commonly known as the Black Monkey Thorn, presents a captivating option for bonsai enthusiasts. This tree species features striking thorns, intricate branching patterns, and small, fern-like leaves that create a delicate and harmonious aesthetic. Acacia burkei bonsai are admired for their resilience and ability to tolerate dry conditions, making them well-suited for bonsai cultivation. With proper care and regular pruning, their branches can be shaped and styled to create captivating designs. The distinctive bark of the Black Monkey Thorn adds texture and visual interest to the overall composition. Acacia burkei bonsai offer a unique and captivating presence, evoking the spirit of the African savannah in miniature form.

*Please note that the image is for display purposes. The plant you receive may vary slightly in look and size.  However, we will ensure that we provide the highest quality product at any given time.

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