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Ficus natalensis pre-bonsai seedling plugs



Ficus natalensis pre-bonsai seedling plugs grown in seedling plug trays.  Suitable for you to develop into bonsai as the trunk is still pliable enough to wire.  Ideal for growing as a single tree, forest plantings or root over rock.

The seedlings are despatched wrapped in plastic to conserve moisture.  When you receive them plant the plug, without disturbing the roots, into a plastic pot, in a good potting medium with added Multicote fertiliser. Water well and keep them in a shady spot for a few days slowly graduating them into a sunny spot. Leave them until potting season which is November/December and then root prune and pot into a bonsai pot, if you wish.  In the meantime you can wire them.

*Please note that images are for display purposes. The plant you receive may vary slightly in size and look. However, we will ensure that we provide the highest quality product at any given time.


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