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Hortisol Natural Plant Food


Well balanced liquid foliar fertiliser incorporating seaweed extract. NPK 6:1:3 plus micro elements.

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Hortisol Natural Plant food

Hortisol 6:1:3 (15)is a liquid foliar feed, incorporating seaweed extract, for use as a nutritional supplement for bonsai.  Applications stimulate and promote plant growth when applied during active growth phases.  It can also be used for facilitating plant recovery when applied after ‘stress’ conditions.  We recommend that you fertilise your bonsai once a month.  Deciduous trees do not need to be fertilised for 3 months during winter.


Micro Elements:  Fe 0,45%, Mn0,3%, Zn 0,23%, Cu 0,75%, B 0,15%, Mo 0,015%

Macro Elements:  11% N, 1,8% P, 5,5% K, 6,45% Seaweed

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